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La Rochere

La Rochere clear patterns allow over 85% light transmission. The various pattern choices offer a variety of opacity. The see through levels are determined by the mould markings, which create the block pattern. 

The outside face of a glass block is flat & the pattern, mould markings are on the inner face, that create the Flemish wavy effect, the Reeded flutes or the Java, small repeated triangular prisms.

This transparency rating is a simple guide to demonstrate how glass block patterns and styles vary, and the levels of opacity from transparent to opaque.

Any glass block can be sandblasted or etched. Sandblasting a glass blocks is a design choice. It is a process where an aluminum grit is fired at the glass to remove the top layer. By stripping the surface of glass removes the gloss finish of the glass block and creates a beautiful matt appearance.

Sandblasting increases opacity of glass blocks and if using lighting, it enriches the visual appearance by absorbing the light and equally distributing the glow & when sunlight shines through on to a patterned block it accentuates the pattern.

sand blasted glass blocks


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