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Construction of TF fire glass blocks

Please refer to TF30 and TF60 data sheets to assist when reading notes below. 

Both TF30 & TF60 use the Rods & Mortar system to construct the wall required. They both have expansion material to the jambs & head with a bitumen strip (slip joint) to the base, these are then covered using a fire stop mastic.

The main differences in fitting is the amount of the stainless steel rods used, TF30 requires two stainless steel re-bars both horizontally and vertically, whereas TF60 requires three stainless steel re-bars in each direction both horizontally & vertically. Fire stop sealant must be used to seal perimeter expansion joints

The opening or framing used must also be fire rated to the same level as or higher than the block integrity and insulation rating required.

TF30 typical connection detail:

TF30 connection detail

TF60 typical connection detail:

TF60 connection detail

TF glass blocks can be constructed on site as a loose build construction (in situ) or can be supplied in single or interconnecting precast units, this is dependent on panel sizes, please discuss with our technical team with regards to weights, panel & opening sizes & lead time on panels.

All TF blocks that are sent out are logged on our system. Once the TF blocks have been supplied, the boxes are all marked with the relevant size, code & fire rating that they achieve. 

When the materials have been fitted, the builder applies for a fire certificate, this can be done via telephone, e-mail, fax or letter. We fill in the first half of the certificate to confirm that the materials supplied conform to the required fire rating & sign the certificate accordingly, the builder then completes the certificate & signs to confirm that the blocks have been fitted to fire regulations with the correct number of rods, expansion materials & fire stop mastic to perimeter. This is then presented to building control as a valid complete certificate.

If there are any issues or items that are unclear for the construction, please do not hesitate to call our technical team for assistance.


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