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Transparent Concrete Walls

Posted on 27/04/2013

Transparent Concrete Walls - Yes it's a reality

Transparent Concrete is a reality. Having the strength benefits, aesthetical appeal & versatility of concrete as you know, but incorporating optical fibres in the manufacturing process, allows daylight & artificial light transmittance. Translucent concrete can be used internally & externally. It can be constructed similarly to masonry block-work walls or can be fitted like wall cladding.

Stunning features can be created from bars, reception desks, to sculptures or features incorporated in to walls or floors, street furniture like benches to entire facades of buildings, from art galleries to private housing. Glass Block Technology has the UK & Eire agency for the Red Dot award winning inventor of translucent concrete. GBT is presently working on a veriaty of schemes covering residential & commercial projects. The raw product is cast in to large cubic moulds, blocks are then cut to required thickness & slab dimensions, processed, polished & then sealed. All manner of shapes & sizes are possible.

transparent concrete

The concept of translucent concrete is relatively new to the UK. Glass Block Technology will be actively   marketing it to the architectural & construction industry. Known for translucent facades & precast concrete, the projects department will be offering the same fanatical attention to detail regarding your ideas, concepts & making projects a reality. Calculations, design assistance, samples & site visits are available.

Please contact the project department or translucent concrete specialist / representative: projects /
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