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3 sided support open side

Panel supported on three sides with one unsupported vertical edge

A panel supported at the base and restrained into the head and one vertical side (jamb) will probably be finished using end glass blocks** to make the panel look aesthetically pleasing.

The most suitable installation system for this panel type is Rods & Mortar and to increase the panel strength, double reinforcement bars are recommended each course horizontally.

The open unsupported edge if subjected to impact may vibrate ever so slightly, not a major area for concern, just a point that should be noted, when considering the location of this style of panel. 

The only way to construct this panel type with Easifix, is to build it the opposite way round to the recommended installation instructions, fitting the horizontal spacer vertically & screwing the anchor brackets to the head and base.

**End blocks are not available in every style & pattern!

3 sided support open side



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