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Golden Rules


Golden rules of glass block installation using Easifix

Glass block walls are self-supporting, but not load bearing so support is required above the head to eliminate downward pressure on the glass blocks.

When constructing Easifix it should be connected to the perimeter opening. For best integral strength, panels should be installed into a four-sided, pre-prepared opening. The aperture can be timber, brick, steel, concrete or blockwork.

Glass blocks expand and contract with temperature change. Therefore they should not be installed when the surrounding temperature is 5OC and falling or 30OC and rising. Easifix is designed to function in harmony with expansion and contraction. The Easifix extrusion is manufactured from PVC. Easifix adhesive supplied to bond and point glass blocks will expand and contract 50% of its own volume.  

The perimeter expansion joint between blocks and Easifix sleeve or perimeter opening should always be caulked with silicone. If this joint is grouted it may be susceptible to cracking because of restrictions in expansion and contraction.

Ensure all sides of perimeter opening are square and perpendicular and made to suit glass block modules. It is crucial that the opening size is properly prepared and is advisable to set the glass blocks and Easifix system out dry before beginning building as blocks cannot be cut like masonry bricks or tiles.


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