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Easifix joints

Easifix being primarily designed as a DIY system. It is used in many commercial applications for the aesthetic benefits of a slimline 4mm joint horizontally and vertically. The joints can either be grouted or siliconed for an all-glass appearance (Colmef Vetromix mortar can be used as a grout). 

(Using Rods & Mortar the minimum joint achievable is 6mm). 


Constructing a glass block wall with joints less than 4mm is not recommended because:

  • Panel stability may be compromised
  • Less than 4mm may cause hairline or fracture cracks

Easifix extrusion

Easifix spacer is designed from the profile where the opposite collars of two glass blocks create an oval shape. The extrusion is an accurate fit to securely locate glass blocks and stably build a panel with a slim line joint of 4mm. The blocks are bonded to the spacer using Easifix adhesive both horizontally and vertically.

Uniquely designed the same profile is used for both the horizontal and vertical joints. Available pre-cut (circa) 2.4m for horizontal coursing and (circa) 185mm for use vertically. 

easifix spacer

Maximum panel size

Easifix is recommended for internal use only up to a maximum panel size 12m2. The height dimension should not exceed 3m. 

If building a panel longer than 2.4m wide it is advisable to stagger the spacer from one course to another (brick bond formation).