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Glass block panels should be secured into a minimum of three sides, preferably four to obtain maximum strength.

When building a screen or shower enclosure the panel is generally at 90O to the wall it is tied or connected to. If the opposite vertical edge is exposed an end post can be used creating a secondary vertical edge/jamb to restarain and increase stability (prior to glass block construction). 

At the top of the glass blocks, if not built to the ceiling, either a timber and plasterboard bulkhead can be formed, alternatively end glass blocks can be considered. 

An end post is 2700mm long and is cut to size to suit the floor-to-ceiling height on site. It is a 3” x 2” (75mm x 50mm) rectangular box profile extruded from aluminium. Available as standard in gloss white (Ral: 9010) or a metallic silver grey (Ral: 9006), the paint finish is powder coated which is extremely durable. 

Stainless steel posts can be supplied to order but are more expensive by comparison.

How to fit an end post

An end post is secured in place by two specially fabricated boss sections, one screwed to the floor and other to the ceiling, the post then slides in and locates. They are available in either brushed satin or a high polished stainless steel finish.

The end post has to be positioned prior to constructing glass blocks.

To use Rods & Mortar in conjunction with an end post the horizontal reinforcement bars are drilled and inserted into the post (apply a dab of silicone to the hole). 

When using Easifix, it is advisable to secure the Easifix sleeve and timber to the end post and screw the anchor brackets to the timber rather than screw the anchor bracket to the end post.


End posts carry no fire rating so cannot be used as part of fire-resistant glass block wall.

An end posts can only be used in conjunction with 80mm-thick glass blocks.




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