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Easifix can be specified and ordered as prefabricated wall panels. It’s the ultimate system for ease and speed for installing glass blocks. Manufactured to order, panels are made to specification incorporating Easifix components and all 80mm-thick block styles and colours can be incorporated.

Easifix can be used internally, for straight walling, ideal for dividing walls, counter fronts and partitions. 

Planning the specification or construction

Precast Easifix is the same as other glass block installation in terms of planning and preparation of the opening and support. Being precast and using the U-channel clamp does not make the panel load bearing.

Precast Easifix is manufactured with a perimeter border; required for stability, handling and fixing. The two part U-channel is secured to the opening at 450-600mm centres, clamps against the perimeter border and securely holds panels in place.

Calculating the opening size

Precast Easifix joints

One aesthetic benefit of Easifix is a slimline horizontal and vertical 4mm joint. Panels can be supplied either grouted or siliconed in clear for an all-glass appearance. 

When a panel size is required which cannot be produced in one piece, interconnecting panels are available. To form the connecting joint, Easifix adhesive is applied to the exposed horizontal or vertical Easifix spacer before the next panel section is positioned on top or at the side. This allows the possibility for larger panels to be installed. When cured, the connecting joints can be grouted or siliconed.   


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