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Our Process Explained - Stage 1

Posted on 10/11/2014

Welcome to the latest addition of the Glass Block blog. We thought it was about time that we gave you a breakdown of our process, the services we offer to you and why it works. So, to kick start we’re breaking things down into easily readable chunks. Logically, we’ll begin with Stage 1

At the first stage of our process, we’re predominantly working alongside architects and designers to help your visualisations become a reality. You can reach out to Glass Blocks at any part of your journey and we’re happy to help whenever we can, but at Stage 1 you’d usually be developing your concept or design, looking at your finer requirement details or evaluating your specification.


But, what does all of that mean?

Well, you’ll be looking at the feasibility and specifications of your projects and we’ll be working alongside you to see how Glass Block can fit into the mix. We’ll not only listen to your needs, understand your designs and explain the ins and outs of Glass Block, but we’ll also help you with the nitty gritty details of your requirements. This can range from sending you samples of Glass Blocks, to one-to-one consultations on the best product to suit your needs.

We don’t just take your specifications and say yes or no. That isn’t how we work. We’ll find the right solution to fit your business needs, that can maximise your designs and support your infrastructure. We’ll go above and beyond to make sure that we can make your visualisation become a reality. TIme is of the essence, and we make every minute count by going into the detail of what you need and want and making sure the two match.

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There are some things that you may or may not need clarifying, like an in depth analysis of your fire specification or the external wall and eco credentials. You might need help with the U Value and the G Value or the deflection and wind loading. You may or may not know exactly what we’re talking about, regardless, Glass Block Technology is here to support you through your process, helping you to hit the nail on the head.

We can get as involved as you need us to when it comes to your specification. We’ll look at the building regulations, the fire safety requirements, the U Value and your designs to assist you throughout your project. We won’t go into detail of all of these elements here, but we make sure our Glass Blocks can meet your specifications. We essentially become an extension of your company to help push you through to Stage 2 of our collaboration, so that all of the boxes are ticked by the time your project goes out to tender.


You can be confident that we’ll be happy to answer all of your architectural questions. We’ll leave no stone unturned, and will work with you make sure you’re happy with the outcome. Stage 1 isn’t just about answering your questions, it’s about understanding your needs. When it comes to Glass Block Technology, we’re the experts and we know how to use them. Present us with a problem and we’ll be able to resolve it through a bespoke service that’s catered to your needs.

Don’t worry, this is just the beginning, keep an eye out for Stage 2 where we’ll explain how we work with Main Contractors.

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