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La Rochere

Glass blocks have been a building medium since the early 1900s. Today’s method of manufacture originated in the UK and has been perfected with designs developed in Europe. 

In the manufacturing process two halves of molten glass are pressed into a mould and the pattern on the inside of the block is stamped. Each piece is pressed together at high intensity to form a solid hollow, semi-evacuated glass block. During this procedure burners constantly fire heat onto the glass, still in a semi-molten state. The block is then cooled at a controlled temperature for a fixed period on a conveyor belt to anneal the glass. This process is similar to a toughening process of float glass. If blocks were cooled too quickly they would crack or explode. They contain rarefied air which means if blocks are broken they implode instead of explode and break into substantial pieces, similar to safety glass.

Glass Block Technology’s glass block ranges are of the highest architectural quality. Only top quality blocks are used, whether the requirement is for a prestige specification or a domestic shower screen.

Ranges are organised by manufacturer name to make the selection process easier and the collections offer different features such as clear glass tints, different bloom (in the flemish mould pattern), performance difference (such as fire rating, U-value and size). 

La Rochere  

The La Rochere collection is manufactured with a very clear tint to the glass. This range offers the most diverse styles in clear and coloured 190x190x80 glass blocks: Flemish, frosted, reeded, bubble, transparent-alpha and java. This module is the most common size used in the UK and Eire. Other sizes produced are 190x190x100mm and 240x240x80mm, but the choice of patterns is more limited.


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