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TF fire testing, test results and panel restrictions

When carrying out fire tests the results for both integrity and thermal isolation are measured in 15-minute increments. Certification is available for 15, 30, and 60 minutes. If a test fails at 28 minutes, this is classified as passing at 15 minutes, not upgraded to 30 minutes.

When a panel is tested for fire, not only the block is tested, but the complete system, encompassing the mortar, amount of reinforcement, joint dimension, perimeter expansion joint and fire-retardant sealant, forming the basis of how fire glass blocks should be specified and installed. 

The maximum panel size permissible is 9m(in line with original test). The width or height must not exceed 6m in either direction. 

TF blocks must be constructed in accordance with the original test to comply and validate test certification. 

TF blocks are tested to EN 1364-1 at CTICM [France] and assessed to suit the UK market by (Bodycote) Warrington Fire Research Centre to BS EN 1364-1. Test data held for TF collection: TF30 report number 169767 and TF60 report number is 169768.


After installation of TF fire-rated blocks, the principal contractor, client or installer should contact Glass Block Technology. Upon exchange of documentation confirming the panel has been built in accordance to test specification, certification will be issued. 


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