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Floor glass block characteristics

Solid, hollow, floor glass blocks are manufactured in the same way as wall blocks. They have a thicker face, are annealed for longer (like toughened glass) increasing the surface strength, also the face is totally flat where a wall glass block has a slightly concaved rim close to the edge of face.

Lens and paviour characteristics 

Floor paviours are produced from molten pressed glass. They have a flat surface (circa 22mm thick) and have four walls but no secondary face and are available in square or circular formats.

Lenses are generally 20-22mm thick to ensure strength and also have a flat, smooth gloss finish, available in 100x100mm and 200x200mm square formats. To increase the level of anti-slip resistance the surface can be sandblasted (removing a micro-layer of glass to create a slightly coarse surface). The level of anti-slip is increased by the concrete joints of the panel. Slip resistance is measured on the overall surface of the panel, not just the glass or concrete (generally R11 is achieved).

It is possible to replace broken glass but is advisable to use a specialist company as a horizontal support structure has to be erected and specialist mortars are required.